Electrical Supply & Portable Generators
in the Newtown & Danbury, CT Area

From portable generators to iPhone-controlled light fixtures, our product offering has everything you might need for your home or business.

- Contractor friendly; Public Sale also Welcome!
- Reliable delivery service for your convenience
-We get it where you want it, whenever you need it
- Efficient, Responsible, Knowledgeable counter staff who work to take care of your needs, and help with any problem you encounter
– Our competitors are only open 6:30 AM-5 PM
- Great selection of hand tools, including KLEIN
- Great selection of outdoor LED fixtures
- Well-stocked distributor

Electrical Supply Newtown, CT


F&M offers Generac, a trusted name for electrical back-up supply. Ensure your business or home is prepared for long Connecticut winters with a portable generator from Generac. Whether you work in a state or federal government building or an industrial warehouse, if the power goes down, your workers can’t continue to do their job.

Call us today at 203-744-7445 to learn more about which portable generator would work best for your situation!

Portable Generators are ideal to:

Backup household electrical power - Portable generators are the perfect savior in the event of a power outage. Individuals with health concerns or families with small children would benefit even more from portable generators as they can keep everything running incase of an emergency.

Backup small businesses - A few hours with no electricity can leave some small businesses in shambles. No matter what your business, a portable generator can keep things up and running during the outtage.

Keep residents in severe climates safe - Though the towns of Danbury and Newtown, CT are not sitated in areas that see ample amounts of storms, there are other residents around the areas that may be. Portable generators can keep them warm and their vital components running in the event they are snowed in.

Power recreational activities - Camping comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages includes not having access to the electricity you need. That's where portable generators come in! They can power all the equipment and lights you need to have a safe and fun camping trip.

Power electrical equipment on work sites - Contractors that work on sites that have no electricity can definitely benefit from portable generators. They can power all the tools they need, have the necessary lighting, and get the job done on schedule!
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